My Approach



Authenticity & Integrity:

My service is about the soul's healed path. Therefore, I ​cannot promise that our work together will get you more money, a particular job or relationship, wealth, image, outside approval, or whatever it is we seek from a "small-mind" perspective. I can, however, assist you with discovering your own answers to what truths live behind those outer projections or desires, and with beginning to create an authentic life from the inside out.​


My services are focused on helping you:​

  • work and live with authenticity, impeccability, and integrity; 

  • create a grounded and responsible life based in truth and love, and one that feels meaningful, worthwhile and purposeful to you;

  • develop harmonious and symbiotic relationships with nature and other life on Earth.

How your life will look like on the outside will be a downstream effect of those inner dimensions and the choices you make within the context of the momentary systematic and environmental options available to you.

My strength and passion are in working with the energetic dimensions to bring about healing, transformation and soul embodiment.


Energetic interventions, though subtle and initially unseen for most, go to the source of an issue and are one of the most direct ways to affect change. They can have profound effects on mental and emotional states, as well as the physical body and earthly manifestations; however, even energetic practices can be used as an escape, an addiction or merely as entertainment or theoretical pursuit. That is not what my work is about. 


My focus is on soul guidance and energy work that is relevant to everyday life (work-related or personal) so that we can consciously and intentionally create an inner and outer reality that is healthy, healed and whole, and free of abuses of power or a desire to control or manipulate ourselves or others.

My work is not about dependency or simply "feeling better". It is about gaining the tools you may need to heal and transform your own thoughts, emotions, vibration, relationships, or patterns in your life, and empower your soul to provide the answers you seek. Many people work with me intensely for 9-22 months, and then less and less frequently as the years go on. Some people only check in with me every 5 years when they need tune ups, others do a Mentorship or begin a Journey when they are experiencing a major life shift, and some move away completely from our work together.


I view less frequent and intense work over time as a success. Intense and consistent work for longer than 22 months indicates dependency, not mastery, especially in energy work. Therefore, if what I offer does not enable you to heal, transform and empower your own life significantly within a 22-month timeframe of intense work together, I will suggest other practitioners who may be able to more effectively assist you.



Responsibility & Impeccability:

My work does not begin or end with the scheduling of a session. My work involves all aspects of my life: the choices I make, the way I I've, who and what I surround myself with, the way I practice what I teach and offer others, and how I choose to live into what I intend to create in the world.

Each soul is unique and any soul manifesting a human body is sensitive, delicate, and designed for a specific purpose in "its" lifetime. What heals or makes sense for you, may not heal or work for someone else. It may, in fact, create harm.*


Offering simple and pragmatic guidance that has a profound and lasting impact on another person's life is not easy to do. A high level of mastery is required to deliver messages with clarity and offer techniques with impeccability and energetic hygiene, at a time and in a way that allows a soul to heal, transform and embody responsibly.


Receive the message too early or too late, and the point is mute or missed, respectively. Sharing a message prematurely, forcibly, indiscriminately or undiscerningly can injure, fracture, confuse or harm the mind, body or soul of another. Make it too complicated or too theoretical, and the work will not be pragmatic or implementable for someone immersed in everyday life.

Therefore, the guidance, techniques, practices and skills I offer are for you or the group I am serving only. Please refrain from sharing what you have learned with others, including techniques, audios, messages, transmissions, activations, or anything else that you receive from me in our work together.


Even mastery in your own life experience is not enough to guide others. Therefore, I ask that the people I work with hold what they receive in our consultations gently and sacredly inside themselves until they manifest a new reality. If others notice a change within the people I work with -or within their lives, and ask what they are doing differently, the most helpful thing to do is to give credit to those who have serve one's soul on our path, or refer them if it may be helpful. Otherwise, I ask the people I work with to keep steadily focused on bringing out their gifts into the world with authenticity, integrity, responsibility and impeccability for all involved.

If what I offer empowers you to make healthy changes that are aligned with your soul's path, the most profound thing you can do is to live according to the healing, insights and wisdom gained. ​To vibrate one's own loving truth gained through personal healing work and direct experience, and to allow others to do the same for themselves in their own way, are powerful acts of human evolution.

*Please note: Your spirit is your pure energy (or specific and unique light ray) dispersed through all dimensions and realities, while your soul is a reference point in time-space that includes your body and your mind. The energy of your pure spirit anchors as a drop of light (or beam of light) in your heart. As this energy anchors in your body-mind, it creates an electro magnetic field that infuses and surrounds your physical body and your mind in time space. Soul includes that drop or beam of light of your pure spirit energy, your physical body, and your mind. Therefore soul is always in transformation/transmutation. Spirit is your pure energy dispersed in all dimensions and realities and therefore remains the same eternally. I am focused on you walking as your healed soul in life, meaning, more and more moving into the direction of your pure spirit energy animating your body, emotions, thoughts, words and actions (rather than, for example, your unhealed emotions or environment animating your life). If you need help connecting to your pure spirit energy, your unique and specific light ray, please consider participating in the free Brain Crystal Activation sessions (live or online) that I am co-facilitating with my light brother Omprakash.



My Training & Qualifications:

Energy work not tested by real life experiences  lack power, authenticity and resilience.


To ensure energy work is helpful for an individual's specific disposition, applicable to their unique circumstance, and noticeably impactful in their experience of life, I must have had life experiences that are relevant and that allowed me to test energetic principles, practices, skills and techniques in different environments.


It is through my work and life experiences as well as my professional training that I can serve individuals with greater authenticity, wisdom and insight, whether they are finding themselves in major crisis, or manifesting a harmonious and inspired life.


If you are interested in seeing my qualifications, they are listed on my CV.


My approach to healing, transformation and embodiment is somatic, experiential and utilizes different parts of the brain and in a different sequence from the clinical, analytical approach or talk therapy.

A certain level of understanding about the mind-body (or psycho-somatic) connection is helpful; however, for the purposes of healing, transformation and soul embodied living, the mind's understanding follows personal experience.


Therefore, when engaging in this work initially, it requires a certain level of willingness to:


  • try something new;

  • be ok with "not knowing" what is going to happen;

  • participate in the process;

  • stay present with the actual inside sensations;

  • observe the outward realities and manifestations; and

  • take time to integrate all you are learning, seeing, sensing and experiencing so you can gain trust in your own navigation by way of personal experience.

To read more about my approach to energy medicine & healing, please click here.



Sacred Space & Permissions


Sacred Space and explicit permission are needed for all energy work. 


Prior to beginning our work, I will ask for the involved and responsible parties to give explicit permission. If we do not receive permission, or if permission is granted upon conditions, or for a later time, I will let you know.

Please note that no matter how "well intended" we are or how much "needed" we feel the work may be, energy work without permission is an abuse of power.


The focus in all energy work must be on youyour relationships and what it is that you desire to change within yourself to create a healed and healthy inner experience and outer reality. The focus must not be on anyone who is either not present, or has not given explicit permission prior to our session.

Generally, I open Sacred Space prior to our session; however, I am happy to reopen it, if you like, at the beginning of our session. Please just let me know.



Payments & Cancellations


Payments are due at the time of booking the Sessions and there are no refunds on payments made.

If you cancel your Session at least 24 hours in advance, the Session can be rescheduled. If you cancel your Session less than 24 hours in advance, a new Session must be scheduled and paid for.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • I offer my work only to individuals and groups who I perceive to be of pure heart and innocent mind, and who are aligned with the Purpose, Intention, Vision and Mission as outlined on here.

  • If we do not end up working together, it can have many reasons. For example, there may be someone else more suitable to support you, I may not have the expertise to help you; or I receive guidance that the timing is not opportune.

  • In no case is my decision or guidance to not work with you a judgment of or upon you. It is also not about being right or wrong. It is instead about staying aligned with my inner guidance, perception, and personal truth.

  • Whatever the case, I will let you know and do what I can to guide you to the person, group or activity that I perceive may be most helpful for you at the time.


Sacred Offerings & Gifts

My presence as a Spirit Guide is a Sacred Offering. Therefore, working with me is not required in order to support my presence in the world. I welcome gifts with gratitude that are given freely and joyfully from anyone who is inspired to make them. If you feel inspired to offer a free gift, PayPal (via is currently the method I receive these gifts. Thank you for your support.



Endorsements are personal reflections about someone's experience with me or my work. Endorsements cannot predict or indicate the experience(s) you will have when working with me. Trust yourself to know and sense whether working with me is of service to you and your soul's path.


When looking for an authentic and reputable guide, it is helpful to go by referral from someone or an organization that you know and trust.

I am wholly dedicated to what I do; I feel devotionally committed to living my deepest wisdoms and insights; and I think of my services as being professional, helpful, and deserving of a place in today's world. I think of the energetic and soul dimensions in life as irreplaceable and complementary to the mental, emotional and physical ones.


However, the current societal norms and legalities require me to state the following disclaimer:


"The information, services and programs available through this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Sarah Hawk's services are not to be used in place of any professional, medical, financial or legal counseling you would ordinarily seek. Sarah Hawk is not liable for any physical, psychological, emotional, financial or commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damages. You are responsible for your own choices, actions and results."

Not even the most reputable guide or coach, or the most trusted of friends, knows with certainty what is healthiest, safest and most healing or meaningful for you. Only you do. It is my hope that our work together helps you hear and express your inner truth, love and voice with increasing clarity, vibrancy and harmony.​