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Energy Medicine & Healing


working with the Four Major Brains for healing

My approach to healing is different from talk therapy, psychotherapy, counseling, or the clinical approach in general. Energy Medicine works with the four major brains (1. reptilian/survival; 2. limbic/emotional, 3. neocortex/analytical, 4. prefrontal lobes/inspirational) differently than the aforementioned approaches.

In healing, we often learn to bypass the limbic (emotional) brain and the neocortex (analytical brain) temporarily in specific situations for specific reasons; however, we do so ceremonially and sacredly and without escaping, disassociating or getting stuck.


For example, being able to access the neocortex (analytical, thinking brain) is an essential skill to have for navigating safely and moving out of flashbacks during crisis situations because we have to be able to think analytical in order to get to safety.


However, when we are physically in a safe place (for example in a Session), it is more effective to wait to utilize the neocortex until after a healing experience has taken place in order to anchor the healed state in a person's body and mind. This approach is far more effective for actual healing than engaging the neocortex in an unhealed state.


To explain this a bit further: talking about trauma and analyzing it can exacerbate the suffering and often anchors a story of victimhood in a person's mind. In this analytical approach people often live into the same story of suffering repeatedly, albeit feeling ok with it because it is what they know and who they believe they are based on their understanding. Energy medicine instead changes  the energetic pattern underlying the cause for the trauma through actual healing fist, then allows people to experience a different reality, and then guides individuals to create an understanding about how we can change patterns within ourselves to live into and create a healthy reality from the inside out. This latter approach of energy medicine anchors a story of healing and a healed state in people's bodies and minds.


What I mean by "actual healing" is a lasting relief of symptoms without the need for long-term medication or therapy, self-manipulation, escape, addictive tendencies, ticks, or defense mechanisms. It means being equipped with tools to healthily and gracefully move past triggers if one still shows up, and ultimately being able to peacefully and gracefully navigate the same situations or encounter the same triggers without being triggered at all.


This approach to healing is fundamentally different from "understanding" one's triggers. While it can be helpful to understand one's triggers, real relief in life comes when triggers no longer show up because of the skills, practices and techniques we have learned that heal and transform ourselves. It doesn't mean we don't talk about trauma or we don't understand what has happened or why we have acted/felt/thought the way we did, it means we do so from a healed state.


In energy medicine, understanding follows the experience of symptom relief, while at the same time healing the root cause of the symptom --namely the energetic pattern-- in our lives. Healing allows us to navigate the world with more truth, accuracy and clarity at any given moment, however, it also involves the active participation of the person seeking healing.


While therapy is often centered around understanding (why the acts/thinks/feels as they do), the basic premise in energy medicine is to heal and transform our inner experiences and/or our selves, and to empower our soul to be able to learn, heal and grow through love and joy as much as possible whenever life asks us to.

Why Energy Medicine?


Energies are at the core of our natural world. They form the basis of our human experience. All energies -seen or unseen, subtle or crude, desired or undesired, labeled as mystic, paranormal or esoteric- are natural and they remain, like us, part of the natural world.

When we experience that we ​pull forth from energy (i.e. pure potential) specific potentialities into our experienced living reality via our daily choices and actions (electric current) and deep heart vibration (magnetic current); and when we understand how we each do so and that we each do so uniquely; and when we notice how these individual ripples create collective patterns of vibration which manifest as worldly events, then we can get to the root cause of anything we experience or see manifest in our personal lives or the world at large.​

Even though some of us understand this basic premise that energy brings forth the sensory and visible world and that it permeates all of life, too often that understanding remains mystical, theoretical, dogmatic or solely at the level of the mind.


What we need is an embodied and alive understanding of energy, and a true tending to our vibrational essence or energetic presence so that we can consciously create a life (family, community, organization, world etc.) that is healthy, healed, whole, and sustainably inspired for ourselves, and peace-centered for all other living beings.

This way of navigating life through vibrational essence, energetic presence and deep inner wisdom can only be obtained through direct experience and practice. However, it has been my experience that tangible, clean, grounded, non-doctrinated and non-belief-based work with energy (the soul being a unique pattern of energy) is often missing in people's lives.

Therefore, my approach to energy work, intuition and soul guidance is that it has to be:

  • personally relevant and meaningful;

  • based in direct experience;

  • respectful of other living beings;

  • integrated in heart, body and mind;

  • simple enough to utilize in stressful situations;

  • pragmatic for daily life; and

  • inclusive and tolerant of other peaceful approaches to life (spiritual or not spiritual, religious or not religious) that may differ from ours.​​

My approach to energy work and soul guidance is effective, grounded in real-world experience, supported by scientific evidence, and sourced from my own wisdom, insights, life experiences and professional training.


Energy work offered in this way:

  • facilitates meaningful, safe, hygienic and transformative experiences that promote healing and growth;

  • guides individuals (groups, organizations, countries etc.) to become participatory, grounded, balanced, conscious, whole-brained, heart-centered, peace-aligned agents of sustainable creation; and

  • teaches us ways to interact harmoniously, peacefully and compassionately with the experiences we "encounter" in life.​​​​​​

Energy Medicine is a Professional Skill


Though energy medicine is often subtle and initially unseen, we must deeply respect that it has profound effects on the trajectory of a person's life.​

My training in energy medicine is grounded in:

  • Scientific evidence of quantum physics;

  • My training, certifications, education and experiences as outlined on my CV;

  • My direct experiences with Nature and the natural wold;

  • The practices of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and Asia; and

  • Applying, practicing and continually refining everything I teach to/in my own life.

My focus in energy medicine is on the application and integration of practices and techniques (either learned in other training or through working with me) into your daily life in order to help you navigate your life in an integrated, grounded, whole-brained, full bodied, open hearted way, and to offer you skills and practices that actually work for you when you need them in order to:

  • heal or transform mental, emotional or physical patterns in your life, or

  • listen more deeply to your own soul's guidance, or

  • find ways to follow through on your soul's guidance in day to day life.

The practices and techniques I offer include ways to:​

  • refine sensory (somatic) awareness and interpretation

  • develop capabilities of the prefrontal lobes (the inspired, creative, healing brain)

  • strengthen whole-brain activity (right and left brains)

  • improve brain agility among the four major brains (i.e. survival, emotional, analytical, healing)

  • enhance emotional literacy (how to feel what we feel, and how to work healthily with our feelings and emotions)

  • increase behavioral grace (becoming aware of the range of behavioral options available to you, and how to consciously and intentionally choose authentic, healthy, healed, peaceful and kind actions from those possibilities)

  • deepen the connection and sense of interconnectedness with personally meaningful aspects of the natural world

  • build the mental, emotional and physical capacity to sense more accurately and deeply

Please apply the skills you learn in our Sessions to your own life only, unless we explicitly work on applying energy medicine techniques to others you serve. Mastering these skills and navigating your life is a tremendous accomplishment, yet it is still not enough to guide others. Guiding others involved a skillset that goes far beyond the ability to navigate one's own life in great depth.


A skilled energy medicine practitioner does not only apply the skills he or she teaches, she also is able to:

  • sense wholly and accurately in the moment without projection;

  • distinguish the present moment from triggers or memories in self as well as others;

  • practice immaculate energetic hygiene and impeccability in being and action; 

  • maintain full awareness while accessing deep meditative states;

  • navigate and activate at will distinct brainwave patterns to access information from energetic frequencies not perceived by ordinary awareness for the purposes of healing and transformation;

  • utilize intuition (sensory awareness) as a highly refined navigational tool, which includes being able to distinguish and discern whatever is present within the self, from what is present in others, from what may be going on in the community, or from movements in the collective, or the planetary system at large; and

  • much much more.

Please respect the training, professionalism, skill and abilities of dedicated energy medicine professionals and refrain from sharing what you learn in Sessions with others.


Becoming a living example of authenticity, purity, love, kindness, truth, responsibility, integrity, harmony and peace is enough to change the world.

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