Sarah Hawk

Spirit Guides serve your
soul's journey through life.
They are not spiritual guides.
Spirit Guides may assist in your life
only when asked.


My vision is for our human family to:

1. live with integrity between their hearts, minds and actions;

2. walk with authenticity and coherency in life;

3. choose kindness and impeccability in their words and behaviors;

4. create harmonious and peaceful relationships; and

5. become joyful parts of communities and ecosystems that are healthy, healed, whole and naturally thriving.


My mission is to guide other souls through their journey in life with wisdom, clarity, strength, and compassion.


My purpose is to serve as a portal of love, light and luminosity that opens hearts, minds, paths and lives to health and healing. 


My intention is to be the most kind, loving and truthful expression of my soul at all times and in all situations, and to activate, initiate and illuminate people, cultures, systems and places in order to enable each to heal, transform and empower themselves so that they too can become an expression of their healthy, healed, authentic and naturally loving state.


My Training, Education & Experience

I source from an interdisciplinary set of education, training and experiences to offer techniques, skills and practices that I sense may be helpful for you at the time, given the questions you have, answers you seek, issues you face, decisions you have to make, or the sense of yourself and the world you are (consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously) choosing to live into.


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My Approach

My presence and services are sacred offerings. For me, you are neither worth more, nor are you worth less than anyone or anything. You are as sacred as every other life form on Earth. Please utilize only what helps you live a healthy, peaceful, joyful, purposeful, and harmonious life as part of nature. Let go of all else. Thank you.


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About Energy Medicine & Healing

A healed and healthy state does not mean that issues or challenges do not come up. It means being able to navigate through them with more truth, purity of heart, life efficacy, emotional literacy, brain agility and behavioral grace than we were previously able to, and to choose to learn and grow through love.


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About Prevention & Self Defense

The only person who is able to prevent violence is the one commiting it. Therefore, there is no prevention in self-defense. There only ever is risk reduction. However, research has shown that we can sense danger before it occurs, through our heart and our nervous system. Therefore, energy work is indeed preventative, as well as restorative post-trauma.


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As a Keeper

of the Sacred Fires and Stones,

I give voice to the Eternal, the Unseen,

the Ancestors, Forests and Mountains.

As a Starseed, a Medicine Woman arisen,

I assist the peaceful evolution of humankind

by opening hearts, minds, paths and lives

to health and healing.

As a disseminator of Sacred Consciousness,

I serve the pure hearts and innocent minds,

with the embodiment of soul wisdom

in daily living.


I see, sense and feel your soul, 

and help you express its love and truth

healthily and authentically, 

lovingly and gracefully,

in body, and beyond.

I am present in the Now. 

My presence is my gift.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

We are all related.


I speak English and German fluently.

Ich spreche englisch und deutsch.

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