Soul Coaching



Private Consultation

Individuals: 150 Euros per Hour

Corporations: 250 Euros per Hour


Private Consultations are highly customized, depending on what kind of support you need, when you need it, and in the frequency that you prefer. Private Consultations for individuals can be scheduled onlinePlease contact me if you are part of an organization. Thank you.

Please Note:

- Consultations happen via Zoom video.

- Sessions can be rescheduled if you give at least 24 hour advanced notice.

- Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will not be rescheduled.

- There is no refund on payments made.




Small Group Support

Group Size: 2-4 individuals

Duration: 60-90 minutes per Meeting

Frequency: weekly or biweekly, depending on group size

Cost: 150 Euros per individual per Month

Some individuals' learning and growth is enhanced when they are part of a cohort. These individuals can deepen their presence in life by moving through soul coaching together as part of a group. Currently, I offer Small Group Support for moms, executive teams, and also for individuals who have participated in the Luminous Warrior training, the Path of Power journey, or the Brain Crystal Activation.


Please contact me if you are interested in joining a group, or starting a new one. Thank you.

Please Note:

- Small Group sessions happen via Zoom video.

- Attend as many Small Group sessions as you like.

- Sessions will not be recorded or rescheduled.

- There is no refund on payments made.


Audio Support

150 Euros per month

for however many months you need


The Audio Support option is most suitable for those who have limited time or need more flexibility than a Private Consultation or Small Group Support allow. Others prefer Audio Support because they like to gather their thoughts and get them all out at once, and because they are able to listen to my guidance multiple times, if desired, at a time and place that suits them and their life. Executives, leaders, teachers, travelers, artists, parents and consultants are those who tend to utilize the Audio Support option because it allows for flexibility and customization.

What's Included:

  • Send me up to 45 minutes of audio messages per month that include reflections, check-ins, questions, and requests for support as you navigate your life. The audio messages must be initiated by you.

  • My responses to your messages are sent via audio as well, also around 45 minutes in length per month, shared in intuitive timing. At times my responses can include attachments or links to practices, ceremonies, exercises, descriptions, images, or meditations I recommend or record/draft for you. I may send those via text, as needed.

  • A lot can be exchanged in 90 minutes of audio messages per month, even while out for a walk, during early morning hours, or in the middle of a wide awake night. Therefore, you are free to send messages according to your own intuitive timing, and I allow myself to respond in the same intuitive timing as well.

  • The first time you sign up for a month of Audio Support, you receive one free 15-minute Consultation that can be booked online during the sign up process. The purpose of this free Consultation is to ask and questions or simply to check-in.

Please Note:

- Audio exchanges happen via WhatsApp, Threema or Signal.

- Audio Support begins the day after your free 15-minute Consultation.

- The audio option offers a nearly 50% discount on the same amount of time spent in private Consultations. Therefore, there  is no make-up time for fewer than 90 minutes of audio messages exchanged or for missing the free 15-Minute Consultation.

- There are no refunds on payments made.