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"Like hawks who travel the sky with their expansive vision, focus and pure intent, Sarah Hawk dances with light. She communes naturally with sun, stars, saints and the unseen in service to the soul of humanity and the planet. 


In the decade I have known and worked with Sarah, both as her student, client and in collaboration supporting leaders and organizations, I have always been struck by her ability to walk steadfastly in truth and integrity on a path of light.


A lightning rod of love, she never projects her personal experience but instead shares wisdom in a generous and gentle, compassionate way, always focused on the highest good of all and leading others to their own knowing. Highly disciplined and expertly trained in a variety of Earth healing traditions and restorative modalities, she works with individuals and groups, aligning the power of love and light for the multi-generational healing of the collective. Multicultural, multilingual, university-trained, and with a rich array of experiences in Boardrooms, martial arts, entrepreneurial ventures, shamanism, and world travel, and a razor-sharp intellect, Sarah moves seamlessly between cultures and peoples with her highly relatable, calming presence.

A light bearer, seer and beacon, Sarah Hawk is a safe space for the world. She can transmute suffering, working with the alchemy of light and darkness, opening hearts, elevating consciousness, and calling forth new beginnings and joy-filled potential. She provides clarity around prayers and dreams. She is a child of wonder, a healer for all sentient beings, who can activate energies beyond time and space, beyond limiting beliefs, wherever hope recedes and love beckons. Sarah saves lives.

She is a guide, teacher, healer and friend. She will care for you deeply and trust your inner wisdom, while holding space for you to do the same."

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