Abigale Robinson

Former U.S. Army Officer


Founder of Frameworks International Consulting


Expert in

Conflict Prevention & Peace Negotiations

"One of Sarah's many gifts is her ability to see the soul with clarity, compassion and wisdom and to meet each one of us exactly where we are. Another is the way she draws from vast and timeless wisdom to heal, empower and give each soul she works with clear and practical tools for the journey. Her healing is powerful and her work is profound in its simplicity and connection with the essence of our being.   


I experience Sarah's guidance as transcending spiritual traditions by bringing - simply and beautifully - the wisdom and love our soul needs and is ready for in the moment. The way she embodies integrity in every aspect of her own life can be felt so clearly in her work - it allows those with whom she works to trust completely that they are held in divine and safe space.


Working with Sarah has been transformational, both personally and professionally, and has helped me to offer my own gifts in a way that continues to evolve and expand.  


Sarah's presence on the Earth is a true gift, not only for those individuals and organizations who work with her, but for our planet and collective evolution at this time. She is a wonderful and wise guide for our sacred journey."

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