Sessions can be scheduled online.


Every soul is completely unique. What works for one soul, may not work for another. Moreover, what works for you in one situation may not work in the next.

Therefore, I opt for a personal and real-time approach in what I offer and do.

Important Reminder:

Please do not share anything that you receive in our Sessions with others (including and not limited to practices, transmissions, techniques, text messages, audio or video recordings, and emails), not even with your significant other or your child, unless our work is explicitly about helping an underaged child for whom you have legal guardianship. Sharing a message too early, too late, prematurely, forcibly, indiscriminately or undiscerningly can injure, fracture, confuse or harm the mind, body or soul of another. It does not matter how "well intended" we are or how much "needed" we think or feel the work may be, sharing without explicit permission and without the needed experience and expertise in advising, coaching, facilitating, instructing, guiding, energy medicine, counseling and healing is an abuse of power. Mastery in your own life is not enough to guide others. Please read my Notes for more.



150 Euros per Hour for Individuals

250 Euros per Hour for 2-4 people

500 Euros per Hour for Groups over 5

Consultations are highly customized, depending on what you need, when you need it, and the frequency that you prefer. They range from 30 minutes up to 3 hours per Session. Consultations for individuals can be scheduled online. Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a Consultations for pairs or groups. 

Please Note:

Consultations happen via Zoom video. You are welcome to record the Consultations for your own purposes and review. Consultations can be rescheduled, as needed, if you give at least 24 hour advanced notice. Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will not be rescheduled. There is no refund on payments made.

Audio Support

450 Euros for 3 months

The Audio Support option is most suitable for those:

  • with limited time, or

  • who have worked with me before, or

  • who need more flexibility than a Consultation allows, or

  • who like to gather their thoughts and get them all out at once, or

  • who simply need a guide on their side from time to time to check in, to hold Space, and to offer clear guidance as needed.

Parents, Leaders, Travelers, and Mentorship Graduates are those who tend to utilize the Audio Support option because it allows for flexibility and customization.

What's Included:

Each month, send me either two audio messages, each up to 20-minutes in length; or send me four audio messages, each up to 10-minute in length. These messages can pose reflections, check-ins, questions, and requests for support as you navigate your life. A lot can be shared via audio in 40 minutes over a month, even if it is while out on a walk, in the early morning hours, while waiting in rush hour, or during wide awake nights.


The messages must be initiated by you, according to your own intuitive timing (most individuals choose to send weekly 10-minute long messages, or they send 20-minute long messages twice a month). I will respond to your messages by audio as well, also up to 40 minutes in length each month and in intuitive timing. At times I will share links, handouts or practices in writing, as guided, in response to your message(s).

Additionally, each time you sign up for 3 months, you receive one free 15-minute Consultation for check-in.

Please Note:

Audio Support begins the month after you sign up. Audio exchanges happen via WhatsApp, iMessage or Telegram. The free 15-minute Consultation that comes with Audio Support can be booked online during sign up. The Audio Support option offers a 30% discount on the same amount of time spent in Consultations. Therefore, there is no make-up session for fewer than 40 minutes of audio messages sent per month, and there are no refunds on payments made.


450 Euros for 6 Months

Starseeds are most suitable for those who:

  • like to receive guidance rather than initiate contact, or

  • want to stay connected and inspired, or

  • benefit from being included and held in Sacred Space, or

  • feel strengthened by being part of a global Starseed community.

What's Included:

I open Sacred Space every day and include every individual who is part of this group. I then tune in briefly to each person and ask if there is anything that person may need to know or receive at this time. If yes, I will send that individual a personal message to make them aware of what I received.

I will then tune into the group and ask for Starseeds. Once I receive the information, I disseminate it to you. The information may include transmissions, activations, collective themes, reminders, resources, practices, guided meditations, messages from specific guides, angels, ancestors, forests or mountains. 


Starseeds are offered in intuitive timing. I do not know in advance when or how many messages will be sent each month or what the messages will contain. I receive the information as fresh as you do, directly from the Stars. Some months may hold many messages, others few. However, even in months with few messages, you are always held in the Sacred Space I create, and I always tune into guidance for you personally.

As a bonus, each time you sign up for 6 months of Starseeds, you receive one free 15-minute Consultation to ask questions or for check-in.

Please Note:

Starseeds begin the month after you sign up. Starseeds are sent directly to you via Broadcast on WhatsApp (no group will be created to preserve privacy and avoid message overload). Starseed formats can include video, text or audio. By signing up for Starseeds you give me explicit permission to send you personal messages and Starseed broadcast messages without having to ask for permission in advance each time. Sign up grants permission.

I welcome "thank you's" and "aha's" shared; however, I do not respond to personal messages from you in the Starseed format. If you need to ask questions or speak about what you have received, please utilize the free 15-minute Consultation that is offered each time you sign up for 6 months, or sign up for the Audio Support option instead, or combine the Starseeds with Consultations to deepen the experience.

The free 15-minute Consultation that comes with Starseeds can be scheduled online during sign up. There are no refunds on payments made and no refunds for months in which few group messages or no personal messages are sent.

Sunstar Mentorship

2700 Euros for 9 Months

The Sunstar Mentorship is about: 

  • purifying your self,

  • deeply transforming your life,

  • allowing your soul to guide your life,

  • practicing authentically useful self care and self regulating techniques.

The Sunstar Mentorship is a wonderful support when you are experiencing a major transformation in your life, or are moving into the next phase of your life.

What's Included:

Each month, for a total of 9 months, you receive one 90-minute Consultation, 20-minutes of Audio Support (either one 20-minute message per month or two 10-minute messages per month), and Starseeds as outlined above.

When you sign up for the Sunstar Mentorship, you receive one free 30-minute Consultation. The purpose of this Consultation is to customize the program, answer your questions, and schedule our monthly Consultation(s).

Please Note:

Doing more at the same time is not necessarily more effective when it comes to navigating your life and empowering your soul. Spreading things out over time to allow for absorption, integration and practice may be more effective for some. For example, instead of the Sunstar Mentorship, some individuals may find it to be more helpful to schedule Consultations for a while, then move to Audio Support for a few months, and finally to Starseeds as a way of staying attuned and connected.


Please trust yourself to know what supports you most effectively and keeps you inspired, grounded and healthy.

Consultations happen via Zoom video. Audio exchanges must be initiated by you via WhatsApp, iMessage or the Telegram App. Starseeds are sent directly to you via Broadcast on WhatsApp (no group will be created to preserve privacy and avoid message overload). Starseed formats can include video, text or audio. 


By signing up for the Sunstar Mentorship you give me explicit permission to send you personal messages (including audio) and Starseed broadcast messages without having to ask for permission in advance each time. Sign up grants permission.


There is no refund on payments made. Consultations can be rescheduled, if needed. Please give at least 24 hour notice. Audio Support and Starseeds will not be extended in duration if you do not utilize them during the 9-month Mentorship.

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