Soul Journeys

Monthly Payments are available


SoulSeeds Journey

300 Euros for 3 Months

The SoulSeeds Journey is most suitable for those who:

  • enjoy receiving guidance rather than initiating contact,

  • want to stay connected and inspired without having to spend a lot of energy,

  • benefit from being included and held in a safe and energetically clean Space,

  • feel strengthened by being part of a soul community.

What's Included:

I open Sacred Space every day and include every individual who is part of this group. I then tune in briefly to each person and ask if there is anything that person may need to know or receive at this time. If yes, I will send that individual a personal message to make them aware of what I received. I will then tune into the group as a whole and ask for SoulSeeds. Once I receive the information, I disseminate it to you. The information may include transmissions, activations, collective themes, reminders, resources, practices, guided meditations, messages from specific guides, angels, ancestors, forests or mountains.

Please Note:

The SoulSeeds Journey begins the month after you sign up. SoulSeeds are offered in intuitive timing and are sent directly to you via Broadcast on WhatsApp (no group will be created to preserve privacy and avoid message overload). I do not know in advance when or how many messages will be sent each month or what the messages will contain. Some months may hold many messages, others few. However, even in months with few messages, you are always held in the Sacred Space I create, and I always tune into guidance for you personally and for the group as a whole.

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Mom's & Dad's Soul Journey

900 Euros for 6 months

The Mom's & Dad's Soul Journey is offered to:

Moms and/or dads (you can attend alone or as a couple, any couple) who need some extra support holding Space for their children, families and own soul at this time, and who would like to be held in an energetically loving, pure, gentle and supportive space in order to deepen into their love, strength and grace as women, men, mothers and dads so as to become a living example of an authentic expression of a healed and healthy reality -for themselves, their children, their family, the human family as a whole, as well as for the natural world.

What's included:

  • a 30-minutes consultation every 2 weeks

  • ad-hoc text support to answer clarifying questions as you navigate life

  • sacred space I hold daily with loving care for you and your children


Please Note:

Typically I meet with moms or dads in the early morning hours, before children wake and daily chores begin... to have time for their own soul, to listen to their voice inside, to ground, to retrieve wisdom from dreamtime, to tune in together into questions or choices that they are faced with at the time, to shift and/or strengthen patterns that have been emerging in their lives since our last session, or to offer any other support needed at the time.


SoulStar Journey

3000 Euros for 9 Months

The SoulStar Journey is about: 

  • purifying your self,

  • deeply transforming your life,

  • allowing your soul to guide your life,

  • practicing authentically useful self care and self regulating techniques.

The SoulStar Journey is a wonderful support when you are experiencing a major transformation in your life, or are moving into the next phase of your life.

What's Included:

Each month, for a total of 9 months, you receive:

  • One 90-minute Consultation,

  • Audio Support as outlined on the Sessions page, and

  • SoulSeeds as outlined above.

  • In addition, a free 30-minute Consultation is offered when you sign up for the SoulStar Journey for the purpose of customizing the program, answering your questions, and scheduling our monthly Consultations.

Please Note:

Doing more at the same time is not necessarily more effective when it comes to navigating your life and empowering your soul. Spreading things out over time to allow for absorption, integration and practice may be more effective for some. For example, some individuals may find it to be more helpful to schedule Consultations for a while, then move to Audio Support for a few months, and finally to SoulSeeds as a way of staying attuned and connected. Others may prefer to join one or more of the Soul Circles I offer. Please trust yourself to know what supports you most effectively and keeps you inspired, grounded and healthy. If you are not sure, feel free to schedule a Consultation to tune into options with me before signing up for the SoulStar Journey. Thank you.