Soul Circles


Dealing With Feeling Circle

22 euros per person per attendance 

meets every Tuesday

at 18:00-19:00 (6PM-7PM) German time

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This Circle is offered to anyone who would like to be held in an energetically clean, safe and supportive space in order to practice and learn:


- how to feel what they are actually feeling without escaping it, explaining it or wanting to change it;

- how to allow others to feel what they are actually feeling without wanting to change them/their feelings;

- how to stay open hearted while taking responsibility for their own feelings;

- how to stay compassionate toward others without getting involved in their feeling space;

- how to purify and reclaim their own feeling body;

- ways to peacefully and lovingly transmute their own feeling space;

- ways to act healthily and peacefully while remaining a fully feeling body;

- to become or remain an aligned thinking-feeling-acting body that is authentically expressing their soul

- how to contribute to a human family living harmoniously among one another and with the natural world.

The focus in this Circle is on practicing rather than talking. I will open and hold space, guide you into and through a practice given the people who are there and the feelings that are present. There is room for questions about a specific situation in your life and about ways to continue practicing. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in and prepare your space so you can feel safe and free to feel, move and practice.

Please note:

Healing, learning and growing does not necessarily mean always being comfortable or feeling "good". Becoming or being healthy and healed means healing, learning and growing within a safe, loving, nourishing as well as nurturing space for each soul's growth. That is the space in which I hold this Circle. I encourage you to journal after the Circle about the practices that helped you with being in, healing and purifying your feeling body so you can practice for the upcoming week on your own. Attend as few or as many Circles as you like.

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If you have never worked with me in any capacity and would like to attend, please book at least one 60-Minute Consultation before joining these Circles. Thank you.


Relationship Soul Circle

22 Euros per couple per attendance

meets every other Friday

at 18:00-19:00 (6PM-7PM) German time

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Relationships that are centered in honesty, responsibility and love allow for flow in and out of various forms while remaining respectful, humble, grateful and graceful with each other, with the self, as well as with any outer form the relationship takes, even if it looks different than anything we have seen before or from any notions we may have previously had about healthy relationships. In this Circle we are not attached to an image, idea, staying together, moving apart, being right, or any of such outer aspects; instead the intention is for each person to be who they really are, to stay centered in love, inner truth and grace, and to come together for the purpose of deepening the love, truth and grace that exists inside each soul, as well as for intentionally creating harmony, joy, beauty, laughter or peace in and through the relationship while taking full responsibility for one's own thinking-feeling-acting state. In some cases it is possible to do this while staying physically together, in others it is not. Whatever the case may be, let's allow the space for each relationship to move into their loving and truthful state.

Grounding in a loving and truthful space, feeling authentically, listening deeply and setting clear intentions will be at the heart of this Circle, as well as, reflecting on behavioral options that are available in specific situations for the purpose of creating harmony, beauty,  joy, laughter or peace in relationships.


Bring your partner (if you like), your questions, intentions, desires, visions, challenges, an open mind, an open heart, and the willingness to change some things -or try something new- within yourself or within your life in order to create harmonious relationships from the inside out. I am here to offer reflections, observations, guiding questions, and to help with setting healed and healing intentions, choosing healthy and harmonious options, as well as offering ways to more consciously exist within, create and flow through relationships that are loving, healthy, nourishing, and nurturing for your soul, the relationship, and for the human family as a whole.

Please note:

The basic premise in the Relationship Soul Circle is that the souls participating in the relationship are:

- allowed to be and express who they really are from their heart, their love, their truth and their grace;

- responsible for their own thinking, feeling and acting bodies;

- supported to learn, heal and grow through love and joy; and

- open to new ways of being and acting that are healthy, healing, harmonious and true for the individual soul while remaining completely authentic in relationship.

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If you have never worked with me in any capacity and would like to attend, please book at least one 60-Minute Consultation as a couple before joining these Circles. Thank you.

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Family Soul Circle

33 Euros per Family per attendance

meets every 2nd Saturday of each month

at 15:00-17:00 (3PM-5PM) German time

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Children are at the heart of family so the heart of this Circle is to listen to the children, to notice and nurture their natural talents and gifts, to provide an unconditionally loving space for their souls, to help them stay connected to the natural world, and to choose to heal, learn and grow through love and joy.


Whether the child/children are your physical creations, adopted, or those for whom you have legal guardianship, let's come together (yes, you may bring your children if you wish) to create an opening for love to take up residence and become the guiding force in family souls.


In this Soul Circle our intention is to:

- listen to what children are thinking, feeling, sensing and seeing;

- create a loving, nurturing, nourishing and peaceful environment for the child's/children's souls;

- support children with finding authentic, healthy and  joyful ways to express who they really are;

- let go of cultural, family, ancestral personal patterns that do not support health, healing or growth;

- authentically find ways to heal, learn, live and grow harmoniously and lovingly as a family soul.

Please note:

Many children (from 3 years old until young adults) have choosen to be born into this world at this time because they have essential gifts that can heal the root of the problems we see in our current world. However, often parents are challenged with navigating their child's talents and sensitivities and are ill equipped to trust and nurture their child/children's inner voice in a world that looks for normalcy and conformity. Many parents also have not experienced growing up in a loving, peaceful and nurturing environment and they have not learned how to prioritize health, healing, love and personal growth over outer appearances, achievements, possessions or goals, so it is not something they have lived through or experienced before. However, rather than passing on the unhealed state, let's offer these children (as well as the child of the parent inside the adult) an environment where their gifts are seen, valued, nurtured and nourished, and where they receive some help to express these gifts healthily, joyfully and authentically in this world at this time.

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If you have never worked with me in any capacity and would like to attend, please book at least one 60-Minute Consultation as a family before joining these Circles. Thank you.


Community Soul Circle

33 Euros per person per attendance

meets every 3rd Sunday of each month

at 18:00-20:00 (6PM-8PM) German time

These Circles are offered to anyone who has completed one of my more in-dept programs such as the Luminous Warrior training, the Path of Power journey, the Brain Crystal or Light Code Activation, one of my Soul Journeys, or those who have been utilizing my Soul Coaching services for a while. 


In the Community Soul Circle, we come with the sincere intention, willingness and commitment to:

- live as an authentic, loving, true, pure and kind expression of our soul in life;

- be held in an energetically clean, safe and supportive space for our healing and growth;

- live, learn, heal and grow through love and joy, and let go of judgements and expectations;

- be of service to a healed and healthy human family that lives in harmony with our natural world.

I will be opening and holding a powerful Community Soul Space in which each one of us can be held by the natural world, let go, and deepen into the wisdom of our own soul. While the emphasis in this Community Soul Circle is on listening, deepening and resting back into the spaces of our individual and unique souls while being in community together, there will be time to share wisdom and gifts received by those who feel called to share them with the group at the end of the Circle.

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