Who I am and What I Offer

My name is Sarah Hawk,

I am a Spirit Guide.

I was born of the Mani,

I feel Native in my Heart.


I’ve been known by many names: 

Medicine Flower, Flying Lightening, 

Black Crow Woman, Eagle Feather, 

Sonnenschein, and SeeingSoaring Hawk.......

Others have called me a Shaman, Healer, 

Luminous Warrior, Bodhisattva,

Guardian of the Sacred, 

and Mountain Wisdom Carrier.


As a Keeper of the Sacred Fires and Stones,

A Starseed, a Medicine Woman Arisen,

I give Voice to the Eternal, the Unseen,

the Ancestors, the Forests and Mountains.

As a Disseminator of Sacred Consciousness,

I serve the pure hearts and innocent minds.

To assist the peaceful evolution of humankind,

and the embodiment of soul wisdom in daily living.

I see, sense and feel your soul, 

and help you express its love and truth

healthily and authentically, 

lovingly and gracefully

in body, and beyond.

I am present in the Now. 

My presence is my gift.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

We are all related.

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