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"Every soul is completely unique. What creates health and healing in one soul, may not in another. What supports your soul's growth in one phase of your life, may change in the next. Therefore, I choose a personal and real-time approach in what I offer and do." ~SARAH HAWK


My Service is focused on helping you

- work and live with authenticity, impeccability, and integrity; 

- create a grounded and responsible life based in truth and love, and one that feels meaningful, worthwhile and purposeful to you; and

- develop gentle, harmonious and symbiotic relationships with nature and other life on Earth.

What I can offer

guidance that is clear, pragmatic, whole-brained and open-hearted;

techniques to heal and transform aspects of yourself or patterns in your life; and

practices to empower your soul to provide the answers you seek.

How I define success

Success cannot be seen from the outside and it cannot be observed or identified by others. Success must be intentionally defined, peacefully observed, sincerely felt and tended to by each person inside. To me, true success is being the most authentic, vibrant, loving, kind and truthful expression of my soul in life at all times and in all situations, while gracefully accepting the consequences that come with making such a choice. In my work, I define success as the souls I serve becoming increasingly skilled, equipped and enabled to move through life consciously, purposefully, compassionately, authentically, impeccably, responsibly and peacefully, for themselves and other life on Earth.

Important Reminder

If you choose to work with me, please remember that the focus in all of our work must be on you, your own healing, and what it is that you desire or may need to change within yourself to create a healed and healthy inner experience and outer reality. Please utilize only what helps you live a healthy, peaceful, truthful, loving, and harmonious existence, and apply the skills you learn to your own life only.



Please keep in mind that mastering a skill is not enough to guide others. Guiding others involves a skillset and responsibility that goes far beyond the ability to navigate one's own life in great depth. However, navigating your life gracefully, healthily, lovingly, truthfully, authentically, impeccably and harmoniously in great depth is a tremendous accomplishment. Becoming a living expression of health, love, kindness, truth, authenticity, responsibility, integrity, harmony and peace is enough... and it is what weaves our world. Please let go of all other ambitions in our work. Thank you.


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